hello Eun Trader

First of all am congratulating all those who have managed to improve with Eun1 fx trading system . we have been seeing a lot of testimonies and this puts unexplainable Joy in our Hearts .

as we promised beggining of this year we are slowly getting there to most of our promises

  1. improved security for our system (Changing license service to be server based which means you won’t wait 48 hours for your system to be delivered )
  2. alert system ( still working on it due to isssue of other selling our signals without our license therefore we are still seeing a secure way to work with it )
  3. regular if not everyday zoom meeting pairs analysis with the coaches .
  4. Price adjustment to deliver better support and system …

so hold on tight we are getting there ..
remember patience pays …

thank you
we love so much !

Nigel Victors Muzanenhamo

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