hello guys i know many have been confused on which one to focus on between the 2 (spot forex trading and volatility indexes trading ,and i am writing to show you the way .

before you make the big decision you have to know their differences pros and cons

1.volatility the whole of forex market is less volatile (excluding news release times) than volatility indexes ..


compared to forex brokers volatility indexes have got lowest spreads unlike most forex pairs

3. Trading opportunities

Forex trading provides a lot of opportunities which means a lot of choices and potential profits unlike volatility indexes ,since only one pair really pays well which is v75 the rest can pay you peanuts even if you use 1 lot size .


in as much as a volatile market brings about many pips and ticks to profit from ,it is also a good ground for huge losses therefore comparing volatility indexes with spot forex you realise that spot forex trading is way more less risky than volatility indices


well in this case since there all use metaqoutes software (5) it means the charting is the same …no difference .


so after all the details above which one would you go for ? i urge you to kill them both ,its he greatest decision to maximise profits…

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